Bag It: Composting For The Rest Of Us


SOMETIMES I THINK THE POWERS THAT BE are going to kick me out of Seattle and exile me to the Yukon for not being an avid gardener. With a black thumb and an interest in just about anything but gardening, it’s no wonder that I thought composting was some mysterious cultish ritual — and not one I wanted to delve too far into. I remember a friend once telling me about her worm bin. I listened politely, thinking that this was more information about worms than I ever wanted to know.


Like many cities and counties across North America, the City of Seattle now offers municipal composting of food waste (in addition to yard waste). I signed up immediately. After all, the best services are those things you really, really don’t want to do yourself. While it sounded good on paper, how was I actually going to collect the food waste and get it from the kitchen to the curb?

After looking for an inexpensive, yet attractive container, I bypassed the $40 official Compost Bins for a $15 Bain Marie with a matching lid from a local restaurant supply store. But I still had to take it down, dump it and clean out all the stuff that stuck to the sides of the container. Yuck.

Enter BioBags. Not the sexiest thing on the planet (although they are Italian), but the best thing since sliced bread as far as I’m concerned. Completely biodegradable and compostable, I use them as liners in the Bain Marie and take the bags down to the mobile compost bin that goes out weekly with the trash. Seriously, sometimes being green is hard work.

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