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Itís All In the Mix
High Point Market
High found low, inside met outside and formal turned casual. Thatís just the beginning as styles begin to morph and meld.
Universally Designed: Inviting to All
Pacific Northwest Magazine
For designer and builder Sanjay Soli, the experience of remodeling a house discovered on an afternoon drive was a family affair.
Country Style Duet: One Formal. One Casual. Both Fun. (pdf)
425 Magazine
Echoing a love of family, a passion for horses and an appreciation for art and objects that speak to the soul.
North Bend Nirvana: Home on the Range (pdf)
Northwest Home & Garden / AIA Home of the Month
Sifting a box filled with dreams, a client and an architect find common ground on which to build.
Evolution of the Home Office: Equal to the Task
Pacific Northwest Magazine
As Boomers transition to self-employment and retirement, they are creating unique home offices to compensate for years of hosting their laptops on their dining-room tables.
Downsizing with Style: Leaving Room for Great Things
Pacific Northwest Magazine
One of the more interesting changes in family life is when parents stop storing their grown children's yearbooks and prom dresses and design their homes to begin anew.
Fulfilling a Dream: Making a House a Home
Pacific Northwest Magazine
It’s rare to find a couple whose life together has unfolded in the same neighborhood, in the same house, for the past 20 years.
A Welcome Change: A Renovation is Realized
Pacific Northwest Magazine
The gauzy white drapes throughout the house frame warm, comfortable rooms touched with international style and accented with modern sensibilities.
Collected Inspiration:
From Blankets to Baskets to Books

Pacific Northwest Magazine
The word “collection” can have many associations when you’re talking about internationally known glass artist and native son Dale Chihuly.
Heís a Natural:
Chef JJ mixes charm and innovation
425 Magazine
What’s destined to unfold is an exceptional evening of good food and wine accompanied by laughter — and learning.
Light House: A Couple’s New Abode Brings in the Light (pdf)
Northwest Home & Garden
This Kirkland couple’s imaginings stalled somewhere between an affection for the past and a desire for a future.
Father & Son: Building Memories
Pacific Northwest Magazine
During the summer months, many fathers teach their sons to boat and fish; this Seattle architect’s dad taught him how to measure and build.
Great Expeditions: Lover of Adventure and Books
Pacific Northwest Magazine
While others may be content to experience their travel destinations from the confines of a comfortable armchair, for this book lover it’s just a point of departure.
Wired Women: Seeing the Light
Pacific Northwest Magazine
A creative collaborative of designers comes together each month not only to dine but to share, encourage, and commiserate about life and lighting.
America the Beautiful: Celebrating Our Spirit
Pacific Northwest Magazine
Whether it’s a humble habitat in the city or an extravagant mansion in suburbia, the recurring theme in the dwellings that dot America’s landscape is the desire to have a home of our own.